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Gardner Hair Stops from £0.99

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Hair Stops These stops were specifically designed to fold into the bait - if required - which makes sizing the gap between the boilie and hook bend much easier especially when using different size baits on the same length hair.
The Kwik Change design makes it useful for many different applications like attaching hooklinks, leads, spods, different size floater controllers, stick mix fishing, swim feeders and even lures. Simple to use and remarkably strong, the Corkscrew Swivel has carved a niche with anglers who appreciate the refinement it brings to their various quick change setups like stick and threaded ’bag’ fishing.

Slim diameter to go through braided hair loops.
Sold on a credit card sized sprig of 60 Stops that can be detached without scissors.
Colours: Green, Yellow, Orange or Black.

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