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Gardner Rig Glue from £3.99

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Rig Glue PenRig Glue dispenser with a single drop control button.
Ideal for attaching small baits, cork or foam to hook shanks, etc.
Also useful on knots, it will increase knot strength with both mono and braid by seeping in and preventing strangulation.
Use sparingly, especially on braids; one drop is often too much - try half a drop. Excellent for securing loops on leadcore leaders, etc.
íSure Dropí button enables careful control of the glue to ensure accuracy, safety and prevent wastage.
Contains 2ml Cyanoacrylate (Super Glue) per pen.
Bonds instantly to virtually any surface.
Built-in Sealant Pin keeps glue fresh and maintains a clear channel to prevent the nozzle and cap from becoming stuck or blocked.
Top Tip - After use rotate the sealant pin and tap the Rig Glue Pen a few times to clear the nozzle and keep it free of glue.


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