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Daiwa Manton - 15-06-2019

It  has been a while since I updated this section of The Tackle Shop’s website. The lakes at Daiwa Manton have continued to mature and the carp and catfish have got bigger. While we are not able to offer fish the size you see down south, at least we have not tried to create an instant monster carp water as has happened at some less reputable fisheries. I know some people think it elitist to look down on instant carp waters. After all nearly all waters have to be stocked with carp at some point. Many anglers could not care less about where the carp they are fishing for have come from. However Daiwa Manton has always worked on the principal that management is the way to develop a carp fishery. We have stocked carp obtained locally and we have grown on fish that we have had in our stock pond. Carp grow and eventually you end up with big carp unless you are totally incompetent. It takes time with some fish growing at only a pound a year; however they get there in the end.

So what do we have at Daiwa Manton? Well we have three  lakes, the Old Lake which is ten acres ( well I’ve always thought it was ten acres, but the island takes up some of it!) and the New Lake which is 34 acres. The Old Lake is 12 to 15 feet deep reed lined, with little rooted weed. There are nine swims. The largest fish caught from the lake are a 47-13 carp (2012), . There  is one  other carp over 35lb and  a number of commons to 33. The carp stock is said to be around 50 fish though opinions vary and some say that there’s a few more than that. The average weight is 24.7lb.All members can fish the Old Lake. The New Lake was originally stocked with 351 carp of mixed sizes. They bred and some of the fry survived in the first two years the fishery opened. We have no real idea how many of these are still present, but I reckon there are around 400 carp, the average weight is 22-04. A few have died over the years, but on a hot sunny day you would have to have your eyes closed not to realise that there are a lot of carp present. The present lake record is 42-09 with there being around 20 different 30s. The 40 is a common. There are a few grass carp to 36lb. The new lake has just produced a brace of rudd of 4-08 and 4 Though pike are present in the New Lake these are part of a separate pike syndicate.
The New Lake has an average depth of 6 feet with a shallow and a slightly deeper end. It ranges from weedy to very weedy, but I expect the weed problem to gradually abate over the years to come. There are around 22 swims 
Now to the rules. We have always tried to keep rules to a minimum and since 1991 we have had to ban one person and refuse membership to one person once (he could come back in the future possibly having learned from the experience)
Bait boats are limited to 120 yards, there are no bait bans. We hope commonsense will prevail regarding rigs though once or twice tether rigs have been recovered. Sacking is not allowed, a landing net or a modern floating sling should be used for getting the camera set up. Members should not leave or arrive at the fishery in darkness. Cradle type mats are now require, i.e. those which prevent the carp escaping. 
Members can bring their wife of girlfriend with them (not both at the same time!), or their children. Dogs under control are allowed and many members now have vans, campervans and even caravans. Caravans are not the most attractive.things .The third lake called Common West Lake is 17 acres and under developement. 
Membership for 2019/20  is available . Membership of Daiwa Manton in 2019/20 will be £470  
Applications to join should be sent to The Tackle Shop Bridge Road, Gainsborough. DN21 1JS Phone 01427 613002.

The pics above are Steve Wroot 42-09 common, next down Dave Moore 35lb cat, next down  35 grass carp, bottom  Tom Jacklin 4-08 rudd




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