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TRACE WIRE. By Neville Fickling - 01-06-2009

These are my personal views and other experienced pike anglers may have a different view. Personally I’m not bothered whether a trace wire is exceptionally thin or supple for its breaking strain. All I care about is whether or not it is durable and reliable.
I have used most of the available wires so let’s have a look at them.

Drennan 7 Strand in 28lb 20m for £3.95
One of the original wires derived from wire used for wire line fishing. Can be twisted or crimped. When twisting with all the twistable wires I put a loop of wire through the hook or swivel eye and pull over the body of said hook or swivel to make a locking knot. Then I twist using forceps. This type of wire is fairly stiff and once you’ve had a few fish on it, will tend to look a bit curly. Provided there are no kinks it is OK.

Drennan Soft Strand in 28lb. 10m for £4.95
This is a very fine and quite supple wire. I have not used it, but the instructions say that it can be knotted and crimped.

Middy Seven Strand. In 28lb 20m for £4.99 (at present you get an extra 3m FOC)
This is a fairly stiff wire, but I’ve used it on and off for years. It will withstand up to 9 or 10 pike before looking just a bit to knackered for quiet of mind. Make up traces as per Drennan 7 strand. I always twist this wire though I’m sure you could crimp though I don’t see the point.

Middy Tec-Core. 28lb 5m for £4.00. This is a Kevlar coated wire and has been around in one form or another for a number of years. I still use it for my livebaiting and because it is very difficult to kink, rarely have problems with it. The pike’s teeth strip the Kevlar and makes a mess of the trace, but a trace will normally catch 5 to 10 pike before you have to bin it. You can also use it for catfish in pike infested waters! I make traces up the same way as for the 7 strand wires though you can knot it.

ET 7 Strand.30lb 20m £4.99 A fairly stiff seven strand wire. Similar performance to Drennan, but thinner than the Middy. I’ve not had chance to use it myself. Make traces as 7 strand.

ET 49 Strand. 35lb 10m £7.50. This is a very supple wire and almost impossible to kink. I’ve used it a bit and it can be twisted with care. I use the locking not as with the 7 strands. Goes a little bit wobbly with use, but carries on regardless.

Cannelle Supatress. 20kg 5m £9.95 I have still not used this wire, but we have sold quite a lot of it without any complaints. I would have one reservation in that it may be too supple.

Rozemeijer Solid. 17.5kg (38.5lb) 10m £9.40. Very similar to Tec Core. We only have a few spools left and it is not worth trading with Holland, just for wire. However it was good stuff.

Fox Carboflex, 30lb and 40lb £6.99 15m I’ve used this coated wire quite a bit. You have to crimp it and it does curl up after a lot of pike action. However it is good stuff and I’ve had plenty of pike on it.

Fox Easitwist. 30lb 25m £5.25. Surprisingly I’ve not used this, but it is rather like a softer thinner version of the seven strands. I’d not use the 25lb for pike, zander yes.

American Fishing Wire 46lb 5m £5.95 Not used this one, but fairly supple considering it is a 46lb wire. We are nearly out of it, but will restock if people are interested,

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