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Titanium Seven Strand Wire - 05-06-2009

Is it any good? Well we decided to give it a go because it sounded good. That is not always the best basis for importing £500 of wire from abroad, but sometimes you have to go with a hunch. At £12.99 for a mere 10 feet t is very expensive.

Having used it for a year now here is my honest opinion.


  • It is expensive.
  • You have to crimp.
  • It can fray at the loose ends if you are not careful.


  • It is as far as I can tell impossible to kink.
  • You can catch as many pike as you like on it, but nothing happens to it.

I am totally convinced that it is the best wire available. Provided you are not losing traces on snags or constantly breaking hooks it is far better than any other wire. Bob at our shop has had the same experience.

Carefully cut 20 inches of  titanium wire.

Making a  30lb trace requires 5 1.2mm crimps and two  owner size 5 (27kg) split rings. a 60lb swivel and sleeves if you use them. Run the swivel onto the wire. Then two crimps. Tuck loose end of wire into both crimps. Crimp using a proper set of crimping pliers. Slide a crimp up the wire plus a split ring. Get some ordinary 30lb wire about 2 inches. Fold over into a loop so that the split ring is both on the titanium and in the loop. Crimp the ordinary wire to the trace about 4  to five inches from  where the end treble will go. Then crimp with two crimps the 2nd split ring onto the end of the trace.

The hooks you attach to the split rings depend on where you are fishing. Daiwa and Owner do strong hooks. Where there are snags use lighter weight hooks like Pike Pro ones. These straighten out and will tolerate being bent back.  If you use sleeves you will obviously have to thread them onto the trace before crimping. 60lb wire requires 1.6mm  crimps. Some might be disconcerted by one of the trebles hanging from the split ring rather than being inline with the trace as is the convention, I wasn’t keen on this but I persisted and I’ve found it works fine. Just be careful if you keep your rods made up the hanging treble finds nets, bags, car seats you name it! When zander fishing I fish my baits head up the trace.  For pike baits you might find it useful to tie the treble down to the baits tail with elastic or mono. It helps keep the hook in the tail root.


Neville Fickling


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